802.1w segmentに802.1dスイッチを接続する場合

Which two are effects of connecting a network segment that is running 802.1D to a network segment that is running 802.1w? (Choose two.)

A. The entire network switches to 802.1D and generates BPDUs to determine root bridge status.
B. A migration delay of three seconds occurs when the port that is connected to the 802.1D bridge comes up.
C. The entire network reconverges and a unique root bridge for the 802.1D segment, and a root bridge for the 802.1w segment, is chosen.
D. The first hop 802.1w switch that is connected to the 802.1D runs entirely in 802.1D compatibility mode and converts the BPDUs to either 802.1D or 802.1w BPDUs to the 802.1D or 802.1w segments of the network.
E. Classic 802.1D timers, such as forward delay and max-age, will only be used as a backup, and will not be necessary if point-to-point links and edge ports are properly identified and set by the administrator.


802.1Wの設定されたスイッチに802.1Dのスイッチが接続されると、802.1Dと接しているポートは802.1D compatible modeで動作し、その他の802.1W部分は802.1Wとして動作する。


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